Sign Maintenance

At South London Signs we not only make and install new signs but also carry out a wide range of sign maintenance tasks from general cleaning to removal, repairs and alterations.

Good regular sign maintenance ensures the life cycle of your signs is maximised and ensures your sign continues portraying a clean, inviting image of your business that it was originally designed to do to attract customers to visit and feel confident in doing business with you.

Build ups of grime, soot, carbon deposits, limescale and other environmental contaminants on your signs do not look inviting and look makes a company look like uninviting, afterall you woundn't feel comfortable welcoming your customers wearing dirty clothes!

Lights Flickering or Not Illuminating?

We can help. Full fault diagnosis and repair available. We won't just write off your sign if the lights don't work or bad weather has caused repairable damage. Often a cheaper simple repair, or perhaps a drainage hole is all that is required to stop the signs electrical problems.

Call us today for free advice on the sign maintenance services we offer. You're welcome to send us an email or simply call us on 020 8663 3346 for more information.